SARF001 - Prevention and management of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis 

SARF003 - Development of a GIS-based tool to assist planning of aquaculture developments

SARF004 - Vaccine performance/efficacy in gadoids measured by cell mediated immune responses

SARF005 - Site Optimisation for Aquaculture Operations

SARF009 - Coastal Assimilative Capacity for Amalgamated Fish Farm Chemicals/Organic Pollutants

SARF011 - Review of Environmental Quality Standards (EQSs) for use in assimilative capacity model development

SARF012 - The development of modelling techniques to improve predictions of assimilative capacity of water bodies utilised for marine caged fish farming

SARF012a - Development of assimilative capacity and carrying models for water bodies utilised for marine bivalve and caged fish farming

SARF013 - Risk factors in shellfish harvesting areas

SARF014 - Cod broodstock nutrition: arachidonic acid and astaxanthin as determinants of egg quality

SARF015 - The aetiology and epidemiology of PD, HSMI and CMS in Scotland

SARF016 - A study of the aetiology and control of Rainbow Trout Gastro Enteritis (RTGE)

SARF017 - Identifying the risk of deoxygenation in Scottish Sea Lochs with isolated deep water

SARF021 - Development of practical 'on-farm' cod welfare indices

SARF022 - Novel species risk to biodiversity assessment study: as discussed within the Scottsih Biodiversity Implementation Plans

SARF023 - A review of the sea lice bath treatment dispersion model used for discharge consenting in Scotland

SARF024 - A Review of Fish Farm Environmental Impact Assessments

SARF025 - Consumer attitudes to aquaculture feed sustainability

SARF026 - Evaluation of the impact of copper released to the environment from the marine cage fish farms

SARF027 - Research and development of stock management strategies to optimise growth potential in ongrowing of marine fish

SARF027a - Implementation of all female production in the UK halibut farming industry: progeny testing of neomales

SARF028 - Development of a scheme for monitoring sentinel farms in the UK trout industry

SARF030 - Benthic Recovery Process

SARF031 - Scoping study of appropriate EIA trigger thresholds for shellfish farms and other non-fish farm aquaculture

SARF035 - Determination of the fate of chemical/faecal material which is transported beyond the Allowable Zone of Effects

SARF036 - A review and assessment of the effects of marine fish farm discharges on Biodiversity Action Plan habitats

SARF037 - Strategic waste management and minimisation in aquaculture

SARF040a - Review of Marine Fish Farm EIA Thresholds

SARF040b - Potential for Permitted Development Rights and Use Classes for Fin and Shellfish Developments

SARF041 - Developing practical strategies for reducing the spread of harmful organisms during the transportation of live fish

SARF042 - Assessing the potential to reduce the infaunal species list required to give an indication of stress in sediments

SARF043 - Improving understanding of species specific requirements for marine finfish cultivation

SARF044 - Assessment of the impacts and utility of acoustic deterrent devices

SARF045 - Title: Assessment of evidence that fish farming impacts on tourism

SARF046 - Socio-economic assessment of potential impacts of new and amended legislation on the cultivation of fish and shellfish species of current commercial importance

SARF053 - A systematic assessment of the environmental impact of Scottish shellfish farms including benthos, water column and relevant special interactions

SARF053 - Literature Review

SARF054 - Assessment of protocols aand development of best practice contingency guidance to improve stock containment at cage and land based sites

SARF055 - Validation of the OECD-model for predicted impact freshwater cage production on inloch total phosphorus content

SARF057 - Development of improved management strategies for Red Mark Syndrome (RMS)

SARF063-01 - Overcoming bottlenecks in the intensive commercial production of native oyster spat

SARF063-02 - Establishment and development of a national broodstock of the European hake, Merluccius merluccius

SARF064 - Mytilus trossulus: Managing impact on sustainable mussel production in Scotland

SARF066 - Practical trials and cost benefit analysis for industry of reduced depuration for the mussel Mytilus

SARF068 - Use of wrasse

SARF069 - Evaluation of sensitivity to chemotherapeutants in successive generations of Lepeophtheirus salmonis from a resistant population

SARF070 - Development of a risk evaluation system for the establishment of Gyrodactilus salaris in Scottish river systems

SARF071 - Preliminary tests of the behavioural responses of seals to electric fields in seawater

SARF073 - Scottish technical standard for marine and freshwater fish farm installations

SARF077 - A review of the status of the use and potential to use micro and macroalgae as commercially viable raw material sources for aquaculture diets

SARF078 - Shellfish Aquaculture - Lifecycle Carbon Assessment

SARF079 - Assessment of tourist's impressions of the Scottish coastline

SARF081 - Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

SARF082 - Scottish Aquaculture’s Utilisation Of Environmental Resources

SARF085 - Sediment sulphide response to organic loading

SARF087 - Monitoring and Eradiation of Invasive and Non-Native Species in Aquaculture Units

SARF090 - Impacts of salmonid pen aquaculture on hard substrates

SARF091 - Use of Algal and other non-fish oils in refined edible products

SARF093 - Renewable power generation on aquaculture sites

SARF094/SARF094B - Developing management strategies for Red Mark Syndrome (RMS)

SARF096 - New approaches to mussel seedstock acquisition

SARF097 - Improving knowledge of how predators impact salmon farms

SARF098 - PAMP Refreshment Study

SARF098C - PAMP Refreshment Study

SARF099 - Survey of Pacific oysters in Scotland

SARF100 - Novel treatments for freshwater aquaculture

SARF105 - Writing a Technical Standard for Scottish finfish aquaculture

SARF106 - A risk benefit analysis of aquaculture as a means to reduce the impacts of terrestrial production of food and energy with particular regard to greenhouse gas emissions, freshwater and land use

SARF108 - Literature review of key factors influencing the production, survival and infectivity of larval sea lice

SARF109 - Modelling of forces acting on floating finfish pen sites and their moorings

SARF110 - Strategic Considerations for Locational Regulation of Shellfish Aquaculture in Scotland

SARF112 - Influences of lower-frequency Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs) on cetaceans in Scottish coastal waters

SARF113 - Feasibility of a Single Marine Licence Development Consent for Aquaculture in Scotland

SARF SP001 - Assessment of the viability of the different life stages of Lepeophtheirus salmonis following exposure to hydrogen peroxide

SARF SP005 - Assessment of the viability of Neoparamoeba perurans following exposure to hydrogen peroxide

SARF SP006 - Availability and use of freshwater resources in Scotland

SARF SP007 - Finfish feed ingredients

SARF SP008 - Modelling of the potential for shortening the pen-based phase of the salmon ongrowing cycle

SARF SP008 - Spreadsheet Model - link to CEFAS @

SARFSP010 - Piloting a network for determining spatial and temporal variation in marine survival of Atlantic salmon and effects of anti-sea lice agents

SARFSP011 - Technical Considerations of closed containment sea pen production for some life stages of salmonids

SARFSP012 - Dye tracer dispersion studies in support of bath treatment models for fish farms