The Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum is a registered charity and an independent company whose main aim is to support research into aquaculture and related areas.

Latest News

The 2014 SARF AGM will take place at the SNH offices at Battleby, Perth on Tuesday 13th May 2014


SARF Workshop at MASTS Annual Science Meeting - September 2012

SARF organised a workshop at the recent MASTS meeting, covering the broad topic of "The Future of Scotland's Marine Economy". The goal was to harness the expertise of the MASTS scientific community in order to consider which sectors of marine industry showed the most promise for future growth and development, and to identify whether there were any opportunities for synergy between sectors. Visit the Downloads page for details of the presentation used during the workshop, and for the summary report that was prepared after the workshop. Downloads

SARF Student Projects

In 2011 the SARF Board decided to trial a new initiative to support selected student dissertation projects, in collaboration with organisations associated with The Telford Institute. Two projects were chosen and overseen by Professor Vladimir Nikora at the University of Aberdeen, and the papers produced by the students are available in the Reports section of the website, designated SARF088 and SARF088a. It is hoped that this type of initiative can be developed yet further in the future.

In 2013 a student at The Institute of Aquculture, University of Stirling was supported by SARF and overseen by Professor James Turnbull at Stirling. This report also appears in the Reports section of the website and is designated SARF088b. Reports.

SARF Sub-Session at the World Fisheries Congress - May 2012, Edinburgh.

One of the 2011 research priority topics was advancing knowledge about salmonid migratory routes (Project SARF084). SARF helped to move this topic forward by participating in part of one of the sessions at the World Fisheries Congress ( held in May. SARF arranged for three experts to present an overview of the knowledge gained so far is this area, and to share their thoughts about future developments in techniques. Following the presentations, SARF led a facilitated discussion session, where delegates contributed their own experiences and ideas. A brief summary of the session can be found on the Reports page.


SARF Workshop 2012

 As reported above, SARF held a workshop at the MASTS Annual Science Meeting on Thursday 13th September 2012. The relevant reports can be found here: Downloads.